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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Israeli Bobsled Team Ranks Among the Elite in America’s Cup Race

Calgary, Canada

Poised for an unprecedented inaugural season, the Israeli Bobsled Team is in third place after racing in the America’s Cup in Calgary, Canada, last week

Pilot Aaron Zeff and Brakeman John Frank took a fifth and sixth place finish in the 12-team Calgary races, and cracked the 57-second barrier with a 56.53-second down time. This record catapults them into the top teams on the racing circuit.

With one race to go, the Israelis are currently ranked third, with 56 points, in the cumulative standings for this year’s America’s Cup, comprising 14 teams.

“Were less concerned with rankings and more concerned with building upon our successes,” Zeff said. “Our goal is to continue to improve ourselves race after race and to complete the first season in the top 5 of the field.”

The Israelis proved they were a team to be reckoned with in Park City, Utah, last month. In their first complete international competition, they toppled experience teams that competed in the last two Winter Olympic Games.

The Americas Cup Races included 5 Canadian teams, 2 USA teams, 2 Mexican teams, and one from Armenia, Slovakia, Greece, New Zealand, and Israel.

The America’s Cup racing series concludes in Lake Placid, New York, in January.

Race photos and results available at www.israelibobsled.com.

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